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I've converted some of my publications for viewing online, and others are available for purchase through their publisher's web site. Please feel free to print these out for your personal use (but not for republication).

-> David Reiter, Elizabeth Blumenfeld, and Mark Boulding (editors), Internet Law for the Business Lawyer, Section of Business Law/American Bar Association (2001).

-> Mark E. Boulding, "Self Regulation: Who Needs It?" Health Affairs, (November/December 2000).

-> Mark E. Boulding, "FDA Regulation of Stand-Alone Computer Products," in Emerging Legal Issues in Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine, K. Lipton and E. Wolf, eds., American Association of Blood Banks Press (1998).

-> Mark E. Boulding and John Mack, Promoting the Benefits of the Web: The Internet Healthcare Coalition, Medical Marketing & Media (February 1998).

-> Mark E. Boulding, World-Wide Web 101, Revision of materials from FDLI Tutorial, December 1996.

-> Mark E. Boulding, The Statutory Basis for FDA Regulation of Scientific and Educational Information, 4 J. of Pharmacy and Law 123 (1995).

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