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You hit the nail on the head! Or on the nose. But seriously, this is the personal section of my page, and in theory it's for friends and family only (despite the fact that the only security involved is figuring out that you can click on my nose). If you're not here by invitation, please respect our privacy and click on "Welcome" over on the left to get back to my professional web page.

Here's what I have for now. It's all really old.

 -> Our 1998 Christmas photo!

 -> A couple early pictures of my daughter Ellie (these are from Day One; she''s now 4 years and counting).

 -> Some more recent pictures of Ellie, plus a short video clip

-> Some harmonica-related materials.  Ellie really liked my bad harmonica playing as an infant (it put her right to sleep, which can't be said for the dogs and cats in our neighborhood). Now both she and Kathy won't let me play anywhere near them.

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