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My new philosophy on links is to provide a couple good ones, and let the reader do the rest. With that in mind, here are a few sites I find helpful:

Federal Law and Regulation:

-> The FDA web site and the FTC web site are useful sources of information about each agency's activities and policies.

-> If you're interested in FDA law, you should consider membership in the Food and Drug Law Institute.

Health Information:

-> The leading source of peer-reviewed publications and continuing medical education on the Internet is Medscape.com.

-> The National Institutes of Health web site has useful information on all areas of human health.  People interested in cancer should look at the National Cancer Institute's new CancerNetTM, a cancer information service.  Researchers may be interested in visiting the National Library of Medicine.

-> If you're interested in oncology, you should visit ASCO Online, the web site of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

-> A number of sites are attempting to address the issues of health care information quality on the Internet. Look at the Internet Healthcare Coalition for an educational approach, or the Health on the Net Foundation for a code-of-practice approach.

-> An umbrella site with pointers to many other government healthcare sites is healthfinderTM

Technology, Government, and Civil Liberties:

-> The Electronic Frontier Foundation is one of the original Internet/computer civil liberties organizations.

-> The Center for Democracy and Technology covers computer-related civil liberties issues with a strong Washington-oriented focus.

-> If you're interested in computer-related privacy issues, the Electronic Privacy Information Center has extensive materials on the topic.

General Law:

-> The big proprietary legal databases and print services aren't dead yet, but they're getting some competition on the Internet.  Check out what's available through FindLaw.

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